For the love of meatballs

It’s nearing midnight. I’ve been staying up night after night. I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars wondering how A was allowed to get away with do much. Secrets can rely bring you down. If honest, you will be set free. Although, the television series does illustrate how grudges can go really bad and completely distort perception and perspective.

So, there’s that. And, then there’s the fact that I’m craving meatballs. I just love meatballs. What an odd revelation at midnight. I go to an Italian restaurant, I have to get polpettes. In a Japanese restaurant, I want tsukune. For brunch, I can certainly eat baked eggs with meatballs. I can also chow down some Gochujang meatballs. I think you get it. I know, random. Maybe I need some sleep. But now I’m hungry.

The body craves what it needs. Thus, I’m probably in need of protein or iron. Wouldn’t be the first time. Now my slight early tangent regarding Pretty Little Liars still stands. For whatever that is worth. Back to secrets and crazy twin plots. Maybe, I’ll have meatballs for breakfast. Oh, to dream.

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