Never meet your heroes or any hero, for that matter

Everywhere we turn, we hear about heroes. Everyone is a hero this day. The word, in all honesty, appears to have lost some of it cache and meaning. This is not the first time I discuss this. Years ago I talked about hero worship. And, that was years before the last four years. We have heroes and anti- heroes everywhere.

People frequently debate a person’s “hero-ness” quality. I don’t need to debate this. Real heroes ate hard to come by. I may sound like a curmudgeon, jaded New Yorker saying this. But, I really am not. I’m actually a sunny curmudgeon. I’m often, in the face of past disappointments, still an optimist. So much so, that I want to slap myself out of it. But, I’ve yet to do so. I really should snap out of it, as Cher said in Moonstruck.

Here’s the thing. I’m going to use the term hero loosely here. Just because everyone else does. My real definition of a hero is somene who runs into a burning building. Done. But for sone reason we have this deep-seated need to identity people as heroes. And, what is amusing and bemusing to me these days, the individuals who self-ascribe hero status. But here’s the thing. Eventually most are really the wizard of Oz, when the curtain is peeled back. There’s no there, there.

For this reason, don’t meet your heroes. Steel yourself against the temptation to do so. When you meet your heroes, or any other classified hero, they eventually let you down. Superman, wonder woman, & Thor, do not exist. Some heroes stumbled I to the title. Others robbed it. Others were bestowed it because who else was there? Some take a slightly heroic act and become centered around it.

In any case, when you meet them it’s as if you were catfished. No thanks. Moving on

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  1. I still find it hard to believe, but I met a couple of my “heroes” and they did not disappoint at all! It was magical and inspiring! I almost didn’t want to because of that whole “let me down” thing, but it didn’t! Intense, right?


  2. “Don’t Believe Everything You Read on The Internet Just
    Because There’s A Picture With A Quote Next to It”
    -Abraham Lincoln
    And Ain’t This A Rave Of Modern Lying ‘Heroes’
    Who even Rave They Are at The Level of Honest Abe…
    A Greatest Hero From ‘That New Party’ is John McCain A Prisoner
    of War and True War Yero Who Stayed With His Men For Years and
    Years of Torture
    And Suffering
    And in Doing So He
    Truly Earned His FLiGHT
    Wings Back When He Stood Up
    Against His Whole Callous Party For Human Rights
    And Wasn’t Going to Fall Over While Close to Potentially
    20 MiLLioN Folks Lost Their Healthcare It’s True We Need
    More FDR’s This Way too Who Have Truly Seen How Life
    Will Become SucH A Struggle It’s Really Sad Yet For
    me the Status of Hero Has Been Just Reduced
    To Someone Telling the Truth Without Fail
    And Someone With A SoUL HeART
    SPiRiT Human Enough Not to
    Harm, Rape, Maim, And
    Kill Large Swaths of
    Human Demographics
    Just For the Almighty Sake
    of i am Right and You Are Wrong
    As That Eliminates No Human Suffering At All
    In All of What Human Ignorance Breeds In NO Common Sense And
    Feel; Yeah It’s True, Even Being Human Has Become Hero to me
    Not All
    ‘The BiLL’…


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