My hand itched today and I wrote too much

This has been a tough, crazy week physically and mentally. Unfortunately, not intellectually. But folks, that is a whole other story and I’ll just save that for another time. Apparently, I’ve got a groundswell of stories to put out there.

This week, you see, my hand has been itching and itching. And according to my superstitious mom, that itchy hand means money is coming. Well, I got excited. Nevermind the fact that my whole body has been itching. I mean non-stop itching. I’ve had a rough flare up this week. Yet, my itchy hand was something to be excited about. I don’t cease to amaze myself with my oddly placed bits of optimism.

In this enthusiasm, perhaps even exuberance, I went ahead and wrote two posts yesterday. I never do that. Well, last time I did it was probably eight years ago. The funnier part, to me, is that I do not remember writing two pieces. I wrote about heroes and how you shouldn’t meet them. And, I wrote about giving a gentle “no” over an insincere “yes”.

With my hand on overdrive, I must have been mulling over concerns over authenticity or more pointedly, inauthenticity. It’s a pet peeve of mine. What’s that saying: it’s ok to be a phony as long as its authentic. Oh yes, indeed. Now show me the money!

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  1. SMiles There Must Be Something in the Air
    As my Hands Not Only Itched With Creativity
    Yet Went Wild With 6779 Words After A Work-out
    And Late Evening Slow Dance Around the Block on Monday
    Night Imagining myself to Only Have Allergies As My Wife Did too
    Persevering until 3:30 AM Then Waking Up Early Enough to Make it
    to Another Doctor’s Appointment And A Store Dance After That And Another
    Doctor’s Appointment the Next Morning in the Next City Over at 9:30 AM
    Returning Finding the Fatigue And Brain Fog Getting Worse
    Giving in to Reality Testing for
    Covid-19 Bam Then i Had
    to Contact All Those Folks
    i Had come into Contact
    With the Previous 2 Days
    As Yep Just the Human
    Thing to Do Hopefully They
    Are All A-Okay it’s kinda Nice
    Succumbing to the Illness And Just
    Giving-in Understanding That We aRe aLWaYS
    At the Mercy of Being Human And Viruses too Small
    to Be detected By Our Human EYes And When Ya Fall
    How Wonderful it is to Feel That First Spark Back to Life
    It’s Like Every Night We Sleep Good We may Be Reborn in Morning This
    Way And Every Day We Recover From Illness Gratitude in Just Breathing
    Alive to Be Then as ‘They’
    Do Sing ‘Morning Has
    Broken’ i Do Believe
    A Dude Called Cat
    So Beautifully Relates
    For A While at
    Least The Rest
    May Seem More
    Like Icing on the Whole Being
    All i Want in the Whole World Now
    is Some Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup
    Voila Just Like Magic i Hear it Being Delivered Steaming
    to the Table By the Other Victim of Covid-19 With SMiLes..:)


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