It’s been ten years of blogging and you’ve been through the cycle of life with me

The world has had some dramatic changes in the past decade. I’ve had small and large changes in my life. In the past decade I’ve lived in five cities and 10 different homes/apartments. Whew. I’m tired. Very tired.

I’ve met hundreds of people. Some really good. Some really disgusting excuses for humans. Yes, I said that because it’s true. I’ve made some deep friendships. I’ve lost a few. A few people in my circle died during this decade. The cycle of life, I suppose. Some deaths have greatly scarred me. Others left me wondering.

I’ve had a few jobs. Some good. Some bad. Some hard. Some beyond hard. Through most, I’ve learned something. Sometimes hard lessons. In some, I met some awesome people that are now part of my ride or die crew.

I’ve traveled lots. Well, until a pandemic stopped me. But I’ve been fortunate to experience Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Curacao to just name a few. Now, I also just have Alaska left to be able to say I’ve slept in each of the 50 states. I must do this. It’s mission critical.

I’ve seen my boy blossom from a toddler to a teenager. And, year after year he manages to thrill and amaze me. His laugh and his smile still bring me great joy.

Are there things I would change? Yes and no. I know, all experiences have shaped me into the person I am today and the person I’ll be tomorrow. Next month? Well, we shall see. Some experiences I could definitely have done without.

But here I am. I take my hand and wave it at the world. I still have stories to tell. And, that’s a good thing. Ten years of writing and it’s been fun and something all mine.

In gratitude for all those who have journied with me.

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  1. Trying to Do The Math it Seems i’ve visited
    All Your Blog Posts Every Day Since 2019
    Dear Miriam Always A Surprise
    New And Creative Each
    Day And Yes 10 Years of
    Blogging You Have me Beat
    As About 9 Years And 3 Months
    on A BlogSpot Blog At First Then
    Several Other Blog Spot Blogs Including
    Wordpress Starting 8.8.2013 Yep Just About
    7 Weeks Shy for me to Hit 9 Years on WordPress
    Too And How Exciting
    Visiting All States
    Except Alaska And
    So Many Places Abroad
    Sigh Basically i Remain An
    Avatar Yet It’s Still Really Cheap
    To Squeeze All 245 Pounds in this
    Fiber Optic Cable And Visit the Global
    World At Speed oF LoVinG iT ALL As Long
    Form Poetry Avatar As True Most All the 10.6 MiLLioN Words
    of the Last 106 Months of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Have Been
    Namaste in Focus of
    Seeing the Face
    of God in Everyone
    And All That Exists New Now
    Of Course Both Online and Off WitH SMiLes
    It’s Been So Inspiring Following You On Your
    Blogging Journey guess i could catch up Still
    To the Other 7 Years of Reading Yet So Much Writing
    Dancing Singing
    Free To Do Now
    NeW ALL OVeR
    The World to GRoW EveN More
    SMiLes Keep GRoWinG mY FRiEnD
    Evolving Through All the Art You Do iN Flow Now New..:)

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