Here’s a to-don’t list

Don’t forget to be humble

Don’t talk over others

Don’t be too proud to ask for help

Don’t blindside people

Don’t just stand in your shoes

Don’t take yourself for granted

Don’t forget to say thank you

Don’t create chaos for fun and chuckles

Don’t forget to give back

Don’t be a phony

Don’t forget to make the coffee

Don’t feel bad about not being everywhere at all times

Don’t start false rumors

Don’t forget to honor truth

Don’t forget to take a bubble bath

Don’t forget to give out a hug

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  1. Hehe Making the Coffee
    Will Be Okay If The Coffee
    Is for Others Yet For
    me i’d Skip
    The Moon
    Hop Scotch Over
    The Sun And Stars
    Beyond With Just One
    Coffee Bean Cup Hehe
    Definitely A Don’t Do For me
    Occasionally My Wife Allows
    A Sip of What i-Hop Brings
    Yet i Do Remember
    What A Full
    Cup Might
    Do to Send
    Me into Orbit
    And Write Even More…
    Other Than That HeaR’s
    ‘A Free Hug’ Yet Kind of
    Empty Hehe With Just ‘Air Quotes’..:)


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