The gifts of comfort, grace, and nostalgia that I gave myself this birthday month of May

The month of May, as part of spring, is one of rejuvenation, recalibration, and rejoicing. It’s a renaissance, of sorts. It’s also my birthday month. I tend to treat the whole month as “my time” to treat myself.

Sadly, for me this month of May was brutal both physically and mentally. So much so, I almost wish I could get a do over. Back in 2020, May was also overwhelming. This year, though, the month of May felt like a gut punch. It started with back pain. Then, I couldn’t take my birthday off. Then I had a three-day government compliance visit. During the second day, I got Covid and had to keep going. Then, I missed Mother’s day due to being sick. And, people who had paused their nastiness resumed it full force. Then, horrific shootings that left one wondering about the brutality we see in this world.

As I quickly saw at the beginning of May, I knew I needed to gift myself things to help pick me up. As I mentioned previously, I gifted myself grace. Also, I got an Ipod as they are being discontinued. Thus, in some ways I gifted myself nostalgia. Furthermore, I gifted myself freedom. Freedom to think more expansively about various paths. I also gifted myself comfort, with a few knickknacks that soothe such as yummy ice cream. And, on the last day I gifted myself a treat by getting my hair done.

Yes, there were many challenges but I also looked out for myself and checked in on myself. Onwards.

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  1. HeaR You Go
    FRiEnD You
    May Have
    my Birthday

    Month of June too
    With SMiLes Heck

    Why Not Celebrate
    YouR Birthday ALWaYS Now

    New Come Rain
    Sleet Snow

    Or Even

    These ‘New
    American WayS’ hehe

    Just ReMeMBeR The
    Most Beautiful Roses
    Come From Shemanure

    It’s Long
    Over Due
    to Put HiSToRY to Rest
    Rest of HeRStory Comes



    LeT IT

    Life Comes Next
    Truly Truly For Real Now..:)


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