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A dream hangover

The past two years have been surreal. Almost as if we were stuck inside a Dali or Magritte painting. You know, maybe the Philosopher’s Lamp or the Persistence of Memory. The melting of time. That’s an apt description for the past two years. During this melting of time, […]

A night in the ER

I have not been to the Emergency Room since the beginning of Covid. I readily admit that, in a weird way, I’m lucky that I’m in healthcare and work in a clinic. If need be, I can receive healthcare fairly quickly. Well, for the small stuff. The downside […]

My wishlist for 2022

There’s no doubt that at the top of anyone’s wishlist for 2022 is that covid goes away. If it doesn’t go away, then we’ll settle for it becoming endemic like the flu. What I want most, which likely mirrors the list of others, is to have a life […]

Is it cancelled yet?

Before Covid hit us, many would go around saying Christmas was bring attacked and on the verge pf being cancelled. That it needed saving. I won’t enter that debate. The irony is that a pandemic in 2020 indeed ended up canceling Christmas for many.  Actually, more things than […]

Changed my writing time

Nothing during and coming out of this pandemic had stayed the same. Nor can it. Nor should it, necessarily. One thing that has changed for me, besides my level of cynacism, is my writing time and writing style.  Like clockwork, everyday for more than five years, I always set […]