A lucid, fun dream could be a remedy to what ails me

It’s 2:17am. I’m up coughing up a lung watching a silly movie called My Spy. I couldn’t really tell you what has happened in the movie and I’m more than an hour in. I’m exhausted but know there is no sleep to come for a while. Being sick is no fun. Especially, when the medications you are on are known for causing wakefulness. Why would that be an acceptable side effect of a medication meant to help you get better? Being wide awake, when 73% of the people nearby are awake, is just no fun. I made up that 73%, just in case you were wondering. I’m eating gummies but they are not so tasty or zesty. They are sour gummies and it’s only my mood which is sour. And, that is not any type of fun.

I suppose you can’t expect to have fun when sick. It sure would be nice, however, to be able to sleep. I could ostensibly have some fun in my dreams. A lucid, fun dream could be a remedy to my ills. As long, though, it does not lead to me walking around and ending up on the bathroom floor besieged by the dirty ocean waves.

I think I should make a list of really boring movies, tv shows, or past conversations that can perhaps lull me to sleep. Or I can listen to depressing Smiths songs.

“Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I’m tired and I
I want to go to bed”

Or, I can certainly listen to the Mambo song or a Cardi B track and try to tire myself out by dancing up a silly storm. Or, I can write up a little ditty about my misadventures in insomnialand.


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  1. i am So Sorry You Are Feeling Unwell

    Hope Your Cough Goes Away Soon
    And You Are Able to Get Some Sound Sleep

    Hmm.. Let me try a Lull A Bye Is That How You Spell

    That it Doesn’t Matter How Words Are Spelled All That

    Really Matters is How They Feel And Soothe

    When it’s Now to Fall asleep

    Cool Pillows Breath


    And Warm to Touch

    Oh God i Love to Take
    Naps So Much Any Minute

    i Like This is the Life i Wish For
    You too With SMiLes

    And No
    Up Lungs of Course

    It’s True Humanity is
    Often Lost These Days
    Out of the Wisdom Naps Bring..:)

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  2. I recently had to spend a night in a sleep lab. Ghastly experience. I knew I had slept for what felt like a few minutes because I realized I’d had a couple of dreams. The report said I had slept for 2.75 hours! What? Anyway I hope you will feel better and sleep better too

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  3. The key to beautiful dreams it’s to have a good attitude, a kind heart, and peaceful disposition, with others, and within ourselves, sort like a state of grace, the way most young, and innocent children do.


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