It’s mental health awareness month: Give yourself the gift of grace

I’m a Taurus. I’m stubborn. Im a New Yorker. I’m skeptical. I’m my mom’s daughter. I give everything my all. All those attributes have good and bad aspects to them that become part of my genetic makeup. I’m driven to succeed. Although, I readily understand how failure is also part of a path toward long-term success.

This all means, however, I can be hard on myself. One time, a person noted that I was like them in terms of being hard on oneself. Thus, they purposely were hard on me. What they saw as hard, I saw as evil. But that’s another story for another time. There’s constructive feedback and then there’s just evil. But that’s another story for another time. Actually, it’s not.

Being hard on oneself can drive one to success. But it may come at a price. At times, you must learn and be able to forgive yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t cone easy to everyone. But when it comes to you and forgiving yourself it’s worth a try. Gift yourself grace. Leniency. Mercifulness. Love.

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  1. Yep It’s True There is Nothing Quite
    Like A Love That Comes From Naked
    Enough, Whole
    Complete Yet
    That’s Not Really
    A Good Reason
    Or Even Sensing
    Feeling Now Real
    to Give Up Giving,
    Sharing, Caring, Healing
    As It is the Not Giving Up Part
    Counts Most…
    No Doubt Some Days
    Are More Challenging Than Others
    Choo Choo
    Choo Choo
    Just Another
    Little Train That
    Keeps Choo Chooin’ Away..;)


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