Dinner parties with the haters

A long time ago I used to love throwing dinner parties. I enjoyed cooking “non-traditional” dishes and having people just sit and chat at a small table. One time I went through with a dinner even though a hurricane had just ripped through the neighborhood a few hours before.

Then there was a time I liked to throw Oscar-viewing parties. Then the movies became more and more abstract and it was not so fun to cast a ballot. Ho hum.

Then Covid hit and all gatherings became either banned or secretive. Maybe even naughty, rage against the machine shindigs.

In looking back at these hosting events and possible future ones, I think of the guests. For the most part everyone who was invited was a friend or a good acquaintance. I don’t recall ever inviting an enemy. That just would not make sense to me.

Yet, all these whodunit movies and books have a murder occur at a dinner party where everyone hates the host. Or some other key guest who gets murdered. Why would you host a dinner party filled with haters who will have access to sharp knives or possible allergens? That is quite a talent to arrange a social gathering at which all your known and unknown haters are present. I’d say most of Agatha Christie novels are that way. The movie Knives Out follows that recipe. And, it was a great fun film.

As we emerge out of this pandemic and start contemplating social gatherings, think carefully about that invite list. 🤔

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