mental health

23 hours ago

Yes, 23 hours ago. I want to be sedated. Yes, the Ramones noted twenty-four hours to go, they want to be sedated. My twist is that 23 hours ago, I wanted to be sedated. Yes, get me into my dreams. Good dreams. No weird, Indiana-jones like, lucid dreams. Give me a pleasant landscape. A Van Gogh. Let me control my brain. Let me control my fingers. Let me feel no pain.

Let me Drift Away onto Fascination Street. I want to say “I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away… give me the beat boys and free my soul”.

Nice, soothing rhythms into another realm. Sleep tight and well. Dream big dreams. Wake up refresh and eager to implement the big dream roadmap. That’s the song. That’s the spirit. This is my beautiful life. Right?

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  1. Whatever ‘That Drug’ is That Folks Normally
    Receive At the Age of 50 Or So For Preventative

    AS Such i Distinctly

    Remember my Wife’s
    Sister’s Husbands Say He

    Never Felt Actually Relaxed From
    Head to Toe That Way Similarly as i Heard

    From A Woman Down the Street in My Neighborhood
    Today As She Said Some Drug She Received For A Physical

    Illness Finally Provided

    Clear Minded
    Focus First

    Incidence She
    Ever Felt That Way

    Asking for An Appropriate
    ADHD Drug That Would Bring

    Her Clear Headed Focus

    In Attention Spans Long

    to Get on Task And

    Finish All

    The To Do
    List Things to Do…

    i Wasn’t Able to Talk Her into
    16,523 Miles of Public Dance

    Yet i Showed Her With A Few Graceful
    Movements How Much it Slowed Down

    my Speech in A Trance-Like Way When i Do
    it in ‘Real Time’ Now For Her i Do Believe She
    Might Actually Try it Now And Like it As it Surely

    Doesn’t Require A Doctor’s Prescription
    And You Can Actually Get one So

    Folks Who Are Managers

    of Stores and the

    Such Will

    See it is Your
    All Natural Doctor
    Prescribed Therapy For Real
    Yes Free Verse Poetry Does the
    Same Autotelic Meditative Flow for me too…

    And Oh my Gosh How Music Heals This Way
    Any Beat Will Do For me Just Let All Emotions Flow

    Rhythm Rhyme And Harmony Never Pre-Planned By

    me as i Drift Away And As The Doobie Brother’s Sing

    it ‘Keeps

    me Running’

    Just Fine
    FREE ETernAlly Now New
    River Needs No Instructions to Flow..:)


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