The pain finds the pockets

Pain coursing through the veins

Unyielding and smothering

Taking over every joint

Warping the mind and disturbing the synapses

In time, it becomes the pain

And in turn, the pain searches

It then finds pockets in which to breed

It doesn’t hide but it plays peekaboo

Tick tock, watch the clock

The pain ebbs and flows while it saunters

Then it floats through the air

The pain mars the smile

It transmits doubts and sows sorrow

A pocket full of seeping pain

Clear the mind, mind the body

Left famished for some relief

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  1. It’s True When We Hide Emotions

    Emotions Become Pain in Every Way

    We Feel and Sense From Head To Toe

    And So Much More Beyond All of What
    We May Discretely Measure And Observe In Others True

    So Yes Scream At the Ceiling to the Top of Your Lungs

    Create A Tear And Tale A See Fairing Story of How The

    Struggle Becomes

    Healing Waves

    As Ocean

    Comes Back
    To Balance Whole

    And Sure Heal A Stranger
    on the Way of Your Caring Story

    Isn’t This What We aRe Doing Now
    What We aRe ReAlly Doing NoW AS Humans
    On This


    i Believe
    It is For No Reason
    Yet What i STiLL
    Feel And Sense
    Is Most Real Within…

    You Know i had This Whole Thing
    Written Differently And my wife Came
    in Exclaiming Something About Coming

    Lunch it Jolted me Back into Reality i Hit
    A ‘Wrong Button’ and it Deleted All i Wrote And You
    Know How that Works Once Original Creativity Now
    is Lost From Page or Canvas It’s Never Coming Back the Way

    It Was Before No Different Than With Every New Breath Now
    We Become New Creations of Being Human So YeS Once Again

    iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG Love i Let The Waves Come As the Ocean


    Free Now
    SPiRiT Winds Flow New..:)


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