Being eaten up inside

There are many bad feelings to experience in daily life. There are good ones to be sure. Afterall, I’m a sunny curmudgeon. However, there are those bad feelings that erode at your soul. So much so that you feel you need a tetanus shot for your emotional skeleton.

One of the worst things to experience is being eaten up inside. That toxic liquids are coursing through your veins. You’re rusted inside out. Part of that comes when you know things that you shouldn’t. Things that secrets that were not necessarily shared with you. Yet, you have to make the right decision to keep it bottled in and see how things play out. You start thinking of confessing. But you shouldn’t have to. You try to egg on openess and ventilation. You try to allow for catharsis but you realize you may need it more than the others.

Secrets always want to be spilled out. They find a crack to ooze through. And, then there are always repercussions. You want to admit to knowing. But you only lose in the end.

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  1. SMiLes Another Reason i Feel So Fortunate
    To Be Able to Leave the “Soylent Green” Behind

    The Realization That in the Working World if Ya
    Wanna Survive Ya Most Always Have to Keep Your

    Mouth Shut About What is Not Ethical if Ya Wanna
    Keep a Job

    When it Comes
    to Abuse of Politics
    And Religion At Work

    And When Somehow It’s
    All Just Lip Service As ‘Trumpism’
    Has Always Existed Where Power
    And Authority Extends Its Reptile Cold

    G R A S P

    Although that’s Just
    A Metaphor Reptiles
    Are Lovely Animals

    Like Rats They Just
    Get A Bad WRaP Even
    Though One is a Common
    Ancestor Of Ours Closer than
    The Other that Keeps its Population

    in Check

    Hmm.. Just
    Hmm.. Secrets
    in Plain Site ALL OVeR
    Nature So Easy to Be
    Uncovered Then Tolerated
    And Even Accepted As Just the

    Nature of the



    The Blooming
    Flower With SKin That Sheds…

    Gaseous Star Dust to Gasesous Star
    Dust PaSSinG With Breathes in Between

    Thru LiGHT AGAiN..:)

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