Sunday cleaning: Not just floor mopping but also media scrubbing

Growing up, I didn’t really look forward to Sundays. In an odd way, I still don’t. But for entirely different reasons. I’ll get to that in a bit as I tend to wander in and out of my stories. Not everything needs to be linear. Back to childhood Sundays. I was not a big fan. I wasn’t allowed to watch much television as we had to do apartment cleaning ever week. And, it was deep cleaning. Not a light dusting here and there. We’d pull chairs and furniture up from the floor. Just like in restaurants. I grew up associating Sundays with cleaning, cleansing, and decluttering. Although, sometimes it seemed that cleaning led to more clutter. We would find things that we had forgotten about. Then we had to keep them in the open to remember them. Wash, rinse, repeat. The cycle always repeated itself.

Fast forward to now. I clean a little. I’ll put the dishes away. I’ll tidy up the couch. But I do not engage in the massive cleanings my mom had us engage in. Those days are gone. However, it seems that on occasion I do find myself doing another type of Sunday cleaning. Social media scrubbing. Have you heard of it? If you are running for political office you’ve done it. If you are going for a high level job, you’ve done it. Maybe if you are starting to date and want a blank slate, you’ve done it. We are more often than not engaging in some sort of social cleansing. Edit an old Facebook post. Delete a past tweet. Put privacy controls on certain posts.

Sundays still are a dreaded, cleaning day. I dread Sundays. Actually, I dread Sunday night when I know I have less than eight hours before another crazy work week is to start. Maybe that’s why a cleanse is necessary.

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  1. I understand well. When I was young, I dreaded Sundays because that night was the end of the weekend when I had to focus on the homework I hadn’t finished to the stress of preparing myself for school that I hated. As an adult, I don’t mind them as much but I think I’ve become a lot like you in the sense that I don’t force myself to do anything unpleasant on Sundays in anticipation of the unpleasantness of returning to work on Monday. I think the way you handle it is perfect. I hope your Sunday evening is going as well as it can.


  2. SMiLes Finally A Sunday That Lasts
    Forever With No Regrets For it Ending

    And Starting A New Work-Week And Never
    A Worry Again About What Anyone Is Gonna

    Think About the Real me Never Having

    to Erase Any

    of me
    to Conform
    to the Big Machine

    A Golden Age Indeed
    Naked of the Masks Before With SMiLes
    Best Yet Absolutely No Secrets Ever to Hide…

    Skeletons Dangling Everywhere in Free Fall

    Needing No
    to Rise Higher Again…

    Sadly A Freedom Most
    Folks Don’t Get to Taste
    As Ya Have to Swallow ‘The Whole

    Pill For Real…

    Hehe, Without
    the 2022 Soylent Green Flavor..;)


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