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As long as you keep secrets

“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself.” Bessel War, what is it good for? What secrets are you keeping? Are you at war with yourself? No war, as such can be good Can anything good come from holding onto […]

Walking in truth

When you walk in your truth, your shoulders are lifted up. When you set free your truth, a light will find you and shine bright. When you walk in your truth, those who only see from darkened eyes, cannot hold you back. Walking in truth adds a bounce […]

Being eaten up inside

There are many bad feelings to experience in daily life. There are good ones to be sure. Afterall, I’m a sunny curmudgeon. However, there are those bad feelings that erode at your soul. So much so that you feel you need a tetanus shot for your emotional skeleton. […]