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Being eaten up inside

There are many bad feelings to experience in daily life. There are good ones to be sure. Afterall, I’m a sunny curmudgeon. However, there are those bad feelings that erode at your soul. So much so that you feel you need a tetanus shot for your emotional skeleton. […]

Purposeful hostility

Meghan McCain used to be on the television talk show The View as the conservative commentator. She annoyed some. She delighted others. I personally never watched an episode with her on it. I’m usually mired in non-stop meetings. Hence, I can’t comment on her performance. However, I was […]

What to make of Megxit

The year, nascent as it is, has become one rollercoaster bump after the other. What else besides earthquakes, possible war, airplane crashes happened this week? Well, this is not that huge when compared to these global events. However, it’s an interesting and silly so-called shocking event. Prince Harry […]