Righteous fury

I will state it from the outset. There is such a thing as righteous fury. Yes, one can be forgiving. Turn the cheek. I’ve done that. But there is also a moment or multiple moments where indignation is truly called for. Where turning the other cheek is not enough. There are times when you must stand up. Take a stand. Make sure that your seat at the table is truly meaningful.

There is a time and place to make known you are angry and are not going to take it anymore. But those moments should not be about ego. Those moments aren’t about posing for a crowd. Those moments are about what is right. Never walk away from right or never knowingly walk away leaving what is wrong in place.

Take a hold of the moment. Be form. STAND UP for what is right. Don’t let the moment pass you by. Engage in righteous fury! Your heart, soul, and body will thank you. You will sleep well. The nightmares will go away. The clouds will dissipate. Your eyes will be clear.

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