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The first full moon of 2022, AKA Wolf Moon

I have to say that this new year has already started off on a slight wrong footing. There was no reset button. A lot of people feeling the stress of entering a third year of covid were a bit hesitant to embrace the new year. I’ve been trying to use my word of the year (“joy”) to orient me. However, many people want to block such an endeavor. Some purposefully. Others, unknowingly as it is within their nature to do so.

In a way I feel that its all been leading up to tonight. The first full moon of the year. It is called wolf moon. It has such a name because it comes about in the dead of winter when people would hear starving wolves howling at the moon. It’s a bit spooky and intriguing. Perhaps we should have a global primal scream tonight and release all that energy that has been tightening ever so more within us. It would be a cathartic release for many and hopefully serve as a reset.

In folklore and mythology the wolf moon event is supposed to set in motion a time for introspection. We are to take a step back and reflect on what is driving us. The wolf is hungry. The wolf is signaling to others. We can sit and stare at the moon and think forward. Where do we want to be during the next wolfmoon. Which hunger will rise to the top.

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  1. SMiLes How Easily Humans Forget Just
    How Social The Wolf Is As An Animal
    Often Persecuted And Condemned
    When Humans ‘Pen’ Up Sheep
    Unwittingly Domesticating
    Wolves This Way Still
    No Longer Cooperating
    Together For MaKinG A Living
    Anymore DePeNDinG All On ‘Penned’ Up Sheep
    So The Wolf Moon Comes Tonight to Remind Us of This Eh
    Yet It’s Worth Noting Wolves Do Not Live By Food Alone
    Yes The Wolf
    Most At
    The Moon For
    From the Pack Once more
    As Omega Wolves May Leave
    Striving One Day to Lead The Pack
    From Behind As Omega Alpha Again
    For It’s True Omega Wolves Remind Alpha
    to Love
    With Empathy
    In Cooperation for
    The Good oF All the Pack
    When the Least is Forgotten
    The Most Do Fall Indeed for Their
    Destiny to Howl Solo At the Wolf Full Moon Again…
    Anyway for me my Solo Wolf Song of SoUL Just HoWLinG
    At The Full Moon Comes to Eve on the 17th As That Solo
    Howl Grows to 10.1 MiLLioN Words of Song on 1.18.2022
    In 101 Months
    Now of Solo
    It’s True i’ve Found
    A Few ALong This Howl
    to Greet And Meet Yet Nope
    THere is No Place For me
    Yet Omega to Roam Free…
    As i’ve Learned to Love The
    Moon As Best FRiEnD New or Full..:)


  2. Some wolves survive the winter. Given that they have no way of storing food, it is somehow a testament to most animals that we have any. Especially the tiny birds that neither fly far enough away to find warmth nor are all frozen to little ice balls.

    I know I wouldn’t make it two days.

    Howl away – it may help. What a year already!

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