A dream hangover

The past two years have been surreal. Almost as if we were stuck inside a Dali or Magritte painting. You know, maybe the Philosopher’s Lamp or the Persistence of Memory. The melting of time. That’s an apt description for the past two years.

During this melting of time, our dreams keep getting more and more vivid. I’ve had quite a number of lucid dreams, myself.

The last two weeks I’ve had these incredibly vivid dreams that have had lingering effects. I’ve had what I call dream hangovers. These dreams that made me think and feel certain things for days afterwards. They made me reflect on certain situations and take a deeper dive into things I was considering.

I have been experiencing the power of dreams. I have been allowing dreams to talk to me. Whisper to my subconsciousness. Not too sure where that will take me but I’m going along with it for now.

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  1. In my experience, dreams are expressions of your internal state at the time you were dreaming. It could be something as simple as dreaming of being cold when the room is cold and you’ve kicked the covers off or something as complex as an idea that has been churning around in your head but hasn’t quite surfaced to consciousness yet.

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