Tag: introspection

My crunchy neck

Two years ago, after I returned from my South Africa trip, my knees were torn and I did close to 50 physical therapy sessions. Yes, I had great health care coverage as they offered even more sessions. I loved those sessions not so much for the physical therapy […]

Your demons still haunt me

Came so close to letting it out Freeing myself from your demons Liberating my consciousness     So close But your demons still haunt me Your secrets still occupy my container     I need a roundabout A well-intentioned beacon To steel me against the┬áconscienceless     So […]

I Am Emotion

I run purposefully I write angrily I think heartily I rhyme sadly I sing fitfully I weed productively I laugh exuberantly I work hungrily I eat chaotically I drink jovially I walk curiously I mother awe-ingly I dream longingly, yet warily I am emotion In every execution