Tired of being done but not being done

Sore throat. Itchy eyes. Burning stomach. Achy feet. Don’t want to talk. But talk is what I got to do. Tired of the messes. Tired of the clean up. Tired of lack of gratitude. Tired of drama. Tired of being tired. Tired of being done but not being done.

Done. Such an ambiguous word at times. One can be done and be accomplished. One can be done and be ready to move on. One can be done and feel emotionally spent to the point of drowning.

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  1. COVID-19
    I have been so sick and so alone for so long I can not remember another way. The thought of trying to launder my soiled bedsheets, overwhelms me. My stomach distended and hungry remains so, unable am I to rise and even clean a dish to eat upon. The fatigue has well and truly wrapped me within its cruel, choking arms; forcing my center of gravity to be naught but the ground. I’m well and truly caught in a space of unrest, not able to sleep, unable to rise. Of all the tests I’ve faced up to this date, I fear I’ve failed this last and worst COVIDS fate.

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  2. Get Well Soon Yet i Realize
    You Are Probably Tired of

    Folks Telling You What

    To Do There Are

    So Many Folks
    Just Hanging

    In THeRe Doing
    What Must Be Done

    What Must Be Done

    Yet True Been THeRE

    And Done Done Done

    THeRE Are Limits

    That Indeed

    The Whole
    Course of Life
    Next to Almost
    Nothing And So Much
    More Than It Ever Was Before

    i’ve Sensed And Felt You Coming
    Close Often in the Last Two Years

    Yet of Course i Really Have No Idea
    Who You Are Except Words Usually

    i Will Surmise What’s Next With A
    Look In Someone’s Eyes From What i’ve Seen Before
    Just Another ‘Autistic Super Power’ Increasing From Birth..:)

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