Until you heal, you will be held hostage

Healing is part of the circle of life. Yet, we often bypass it or try to just forge ahead essentially skipping the healing process. And, healing is not just for a scraped knee or broken heart. One must heal from all sorts of “injuries” ranging from betrayals to misrepresentation to being ignored. And, until you give yourself the permission and time to heal, you will be held hostage to those injuiries and to those who injured you. Whenever possible find that balm. Find your footing. Give voice to the pain. And be free.

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  1. There is no freedom, no healing, when the identified injury – iatrogenic – is repeated every time you visit a provider for ‘care.’ No amount of double-talk is enough when there is no improvement going forward.

    Maybe for long-ago trauma one can reach an accounting. But not for ongoing.

    I can forgive continuously, and still not forget – because it keeps happening.


  2. SMiLes So Nice To Recover

    And Spread Every Healing

    Lesson One Learns to Others

    i Am Always Excited to Spread All
    The New Insights i Learn Connecting

    With So Many Humans Around the Globe

    in my Quarterly

    Visits to my


    Who is So Very
    Progressive About
    Learning Everything
    He Can And Will About the
    Human Condition He Hasn’t Experienced

    Before True For Decades The Thought of
    Ever Visiting A Psychiatrist Terrified me as

    i Didn’t Really Understand the Complexity
    of How Asperger’s Syndrome And Bi-Polar
    on That Spectrum Ruled My Existence Beyond

    (With No Diagnoses Either)

    my Mastery

    Then and

    Recovery And
    Healing to Be
    More Fully Human With

    Both Hemispheres Now of
    my Mind Firing in Balance
    From Head to Toe Yes Mind
    And Body Balancing REAL SOUL..

    SMiLes i Will Likely Always Have
    A Quarterly Visit to Insure the Dance
    And Song Therapy All Natural i Use Continues

    to Work For me Yet Meanwhile the Last Three
    Professionals Have Incorporated What i’ve Used
    For Healing and Recovery All Innately Instinctually
    And Intuitively to Help Their Other Clients too It’s Nice

    to Come


    From Hell
    And Spread
    A Little Heaven
    to Others That Truly Works Indeed
    And Yes Science Is Catching Up Now to
    What Humans in Intuition Have Always Felt
    And Sensed of A Free Healing Dance And
    Song ToGeTHeR to Truly Survive And Thrive
    in Life Naked Enough Whole Complete As Nature



    Breathes Free..:)


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