In preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m drinking orange juice

I’m a random person. Or can be. Someone once noted I’m a rollercoaster. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m here to just be random and talk about orange juice.

See, here’s the thing. Lately, I’ve had health screening after health screening. I’m pretty ok except for a few things here and there. I need to boost my immunity. Despite my love of Coke Zero, I will now try to drinking a little bit of orange juice with my vitamin gummies.

I want to feel healthy on Thanksgiving as I gorge myself on duck. I also want to truly feel grateful for the good things in my life. Thus, I want to boost my immune system to feel good as I’m grateful. Is that an odd thing to think and consider? The past two years have been odd. Surreal. Might as well continue the odd thoughts associations I have here and there

Here’s to a great pre- Thanksgiving day. Hope it’s filled with good memories to share tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, Yes, COVID-19 Has Surely
    Prepared Us More to Appreciate

    The Little Things in Life

    To Be Thankful

    For Hehe

    Like the Ability

    To SMiLe Like

    The Ability to

    SMiLE Now The

    Rest of the World

    Understands What it Feels

    Like Not to Be Able to Do That

    For 66 Months Not Even A Memory

    of the Feeling At

    All Of Course

    All THere is iS Eternally

    Now Then WaS Eternal Then

    With No SMiLe NoW iS ETeRNaL

    Now With All SMiLes Yes Indeed This Gift

    of Life is all About Perspective and Introspection

    Gratitude and Forgiveness Life is Tough Might

    As Well


    We Can And
    Will And Give
    Great Thanks And

    Praise Marrying the NiGHT Merrying The DaY Dance
    SinG At Night too Winter Summer Fall THis SPRinG Now..:)


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