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The camel chewed with no care in the world

The little boy watched as the camel chewed with no care in the world. Flies landed on the camel to no distraction. A friendly critter needed a lift but the camel didn’t even notice that this critter-a so-called friend- needed help. He just chewed and chewed. His mind wandered onto the horizon and he just was not part of the scene. He was photographed by many. However, he was neither here nor there. Onlookers were just part of the scenery that had no meaning. The little boy was of more importance but not much more in terms of meaning. The little boy grabbed the critter and placed him on the camel’s back. He whispered to the camel “live and be good”. Then he left to never think of the camel again.

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  1. True The Golden
    Rule is Incomplete
    When We Determine

    All of

    And Experiences
    The World With



    Rule Ways

    Alas The



    Will Remain

    Closed Minded

    Until They

    ‘See’ What

    The Others Do Not

    Indeed A Color


    Is Incomplete 🤕


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