Happy Thanksgiving: Be an agent of good

A day of gratitude. A day of saying thank you. A day of acknowledging the blessings one has in life. It’s also a day of football, turkey, a big parade, and movies. It’s a smash up of different cultures reveling in different fun activities and maybe breaking bread.

While giving thanks for what we have, we should also pledge to be an agent of good.

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  1. Happy ThanksGiving Psychologistmimi
    i Had Confidence You Would Still Be
    Posting Today So

    There Would

    Be No Chance
    i Would Miss
    Writing Online

    For the 4019th

    Consecutive Day
    Yes 11 Years Ever
    Since November 25, 2010

    Anyway, No Big Surprise Hehe Before
    9 AM, i’ve Already Surpassed 1,000 Words
    This Morning of the 13 MiLLioN Plus Words
    i’ve Written Online Since That First Day Then

    Doing my Best to Escape the Very Worst Pain
    Known to Humankind Then That No Drug Would

    Touch Yes Only A Word to Start That Felt Still

    Like A Mountain of Pain With Barely Effective Use
    of Eyes and Ears With Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Like A Dentist Drill Without Novocaine So Deeply Penetrating



    Ear Yes
    Just A Few
    Inches from
    A Screen With
    The Brightness turned
    All the Way Down Such
    A Mountain of Pain Then
    To Escape the Suicide Disease for Real…

    Pain Taught me Most To Love Without
    Fear Inhale Peace And Exhale Love The



    In Refrain with

    No Restraint

    And True


    Finally Healed

    All the Root of my
    Human Modern Disease
    Becoming More Machine
    Than Human No More A
    Canary in That Coal Mine so Very Cold

    Anyway Again Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes to You For Real…

    In A World Of Likes With No Soul The Saddest Part oF ALL Today

    Is i May Be the Only One to Return the Wish Only Because i Had to

    Go to Hell to Be



    It’s Quite A Step Up
    IN Deed These Days of Dust
    Signs O’ The Times For Real…:)


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