Walking with the ghosts

Taking three steps forward

The ghosts of love walk in line with me

Two steps back the ghosts of slights impede my path

The ghosts of failure try to ridicule

The ghosts of comfort try to embrace

Too many ghosts to track

It’s easy to go wayward

The ghosts will always haunt me

They even float in my tranquil, scented bath

The goal is to make their impact minuscule

But the ghosts always leave a trace

The ghosts always walk back

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  1. So True Shadows
    Below Haunt

    Us Above


    With Shadows
    Below Brings

    Peace to Mind Above

    For It’s True Shadows

    Often Haunt All Body Parts

    Of Life


    From Whole

    Complete Enough

    Inhaling Peace Just
    Exhaling Love Where’s
    That Song Dance it Now

    So Long it Took To Seek
    and Find

    For me



    i Sure
    Needed It…
    After Finding Fortune Real
    The Answers to Balance Within…
    Moving Meditating Flowing Contemplative
    Free Dance And Song FoR Me So Many

    Ways for

    Others to

    Come back

    to Peace
    Brings Love For All..:)


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