I’m a runaway freight train with no will to stop

Today I am amused and bemused. Today I am settled and unsettled. Today I am bored and stressed out. The mind is numbed. Yet, emotions running wild and thoughts streaming away on their own. I’m a runaway freight train with no will to stop. I want to hide. I want to confront. I don’t care. I care too much. I smile but it’s a cry. I tear up but it’s a smile. Rita Hayworth running through a hall of mirrors. No knowing who’s really behind you or beside you. So many secrets that one can’t keep. There’s no turning back. Drink the lollipop dipped in fear. Sit on the elevated chair. There’s always a good fight to fight until there is not. Sometimes, it’s just time.

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  1. i Suppose
    A Greatest
    Gift Now
    For Runaway
    Trains is Change
    Then i Dance
    Now i Sing
    Glad That
    Other Part
    Ain’t Coming
    Back of A Train Ride Now
    Echo Echoes Train Whistles
    Distance of Hell From Heaven Now…


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