She was going to be a hero to herself

Here we go again. It’s 1:03 in the morning. The wind gusts are fierce. The heat barely on. The body in meltdown mode. Yet, it was all going to be ok. She had a plan. She smiled and waved back.

Nothing was going to be the same again. Nothing. It was nice have a clarity, for once. The cylinders would click into place. The bolts will hold. The steel will withstand. She was going to be a hero to herself.

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  1. How Shall We Point A Telescope Toward

    Balance How Shall We Make Night

    Skies Cold And Dark All Lit Up

    How Shall We Warm

    The Fall Winter

    Storm Night

    Surely Inhaling

    Peace Exhaling Love

    For All Just Emptying out

    The Snow And Rain And Replacing

    It All With Sunshine Waves for All As

    Ocean Sings Same With Water Whole

    Or Perhaps
    Hehe i am


    The Other
    End of A Telescope
    As Always it is what it is…
    And i Am What i Am Just
    A Leaf of Grass As Whitman
    Sings My Whole Back Yard
    A Dream That Was Always Real Now..:)


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