Happy Halloween: Reflect on and reject that which makes you fearful

I love Halloween.  Or I used to. Now  I like, like Halloween. As a kid, Halloween was a bit creepy with those plastic masks. Do you remember these?

Boy, we were big on full on non-breathable masks back then. While creepy, they were still fun. In New York, for certain neighborhoods, you would trick-or-treat in the corner stores. And, you had to unmask so you wouldn’t be able to double dip on the treats. Halloween was fun and daring.

These days it seems we are more scared than fun and daring during the season. Maybe I’m wrong. I could be very wrong. Perhaps my worldview is tainted by all the “scary” things I’ve seen this and last year. But it seems to me we need to be giving shots of courage and maybe some valium to a few around us.

I think this Halloween is the perfect time to be bold. Not just with one’s active but with one’s decisions. Reflect on and reject that which makes you fearful. Take a few leaps of faith.

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  1. Trying Now to Come Up
    With Some Fear Other
    Than Heights Family

    And FRiEnDS
    All That Is in

    Pain Really
    Hurts An

    Must Dance
    And Sing
    To Survive

    Their Pain


    Any Person

    i Love

    Yes Hating
    Someone We

    Love is Halloween
    Hell Only Respite


    For Whatever


    Such A Halloween
    Christmas Love

    Giving Force

    The Great

    Pumpkin 🎃
    Come Back to Life🎄

    Thanks Giving

    For Giving

    Happy Holiday
    SeaSon To Take ☺️

    Off Masks 🎭 That Hurt 😔


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