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As a superstitious New Yorker I was taught at an early age, to not kill spiders. Killing a spider inevitably brings bad luck. And, who needs that these days? I see a spider I try to get it to move along. Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking to have a pet spider. I do not run in fear from them, but I’m cautious. With that said, here’s an odd bit for the week. Researcher Daniela Roessler has supposedly found that spiders can suffer from arachnophobia. There’s a life lesson to be gleamed from that, I’m sure.

In further news, seemingly ripped out of a Hitchcock movie, a town in North Carolina is under siege by buzzards. The townspeople have tried to scare them off in every way they can think of but the buzzards are hunkering down. Seems they may be holding an annual convention.

Keeping it short today, I leave you with this odd tidbit. A woman from Rudsia- a very wealthy woman- has supposedly had 21 babies this past year via surrogates. Her goal is apparently to have 100 children.

For me, I’m happy with my one.

Oh boy, this world keeps getting weirder. Enjoy!

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  1. Nostalgia of ‘The Birds’

    Still Remembering Sipping 1960’s

    Coffee watching Alfred Hitchcock Black And White

    Late At Night With my Mother And Sister

    Feeling the Warmth of

    Family And then

    At 47 Not Able

    To Feel the Pet

    of A Cat No

    One Told


    That Feeling

    Could Go Away It’s
    Not Part of School To Tell
    Ya What to Do Not to Lose Ya Soul

    When You’d Sell Your Life Yelling at
    The Ceiling Just to Feel One Dam Tear Again…

    Where Even ‘Why God’ Echoes Hollow of the Ceiling



    Space of the ‘Poe Raven’…

    my Greatest Gift of Life Recovering
    To Feel Love Again And Technically Fight
    or Flight Stress Through 11 Years Work-Related
    Destroying most every bodily System Including

    Those Receptors For


    How Fortunate

    Any of Us ARe

    To Feel the Warmth of

    Love For It’s True Once that
    Goes Away You Finally Understand
    That Heaven is the Warm HeART Place Within…

    And Of Course Psychopaths Are Born Without That
    Ability and Of Course it is often That Socio-Paths Lose
    it Early Through Abuse Yet They Just Don’t Tell Ya if Ya

    Don’t Say

    No to Stress

    it Won’t Just
    Kill Ya it Will take

    A Soul of Connecting Warm
    Love AWay Leaving A Cat’s Purr Hollow Indeed

    Yes There Are Worse Things Than Getting Attacked
    By Flocks of Birds And No Superstition Either When
    Ya Lose Warmth of Soul A Place Where All Feelings
    And Senses of Hope, Love, Faith, And Belief in Anything is erased

    Just Waiting

    Just Waiting

    For The Feelings

    To Return to A Ghost

    Wandering An Empty Feeling Landscape Life..

    i Must Say i Developed Sympathy for So-Called
    Devil’s Born That Way Ya Learn Why For Some

    Pain Inflicted

    On Others

    is the

    Closest Thing
    To Feelings Possible at all…

    It’s Just That Pain is All Ya Will Feel

    If You Are Lucky Enough to Still Feel Pain At all too…

    For It’s True Indeed There is Another Ring of Dante’s Hell too

    Where Ya Yell Out and Scream Please Douse me with Gasoline

    Light a match




    Halloween is Real…

    Yet it’s Beyond Terrifying

    Beyond Horrible Beyond

    Fear Just Living Death Nothing at all

    After All the Feelings Are Gone Ya Find

    Out Who God is This Connection to All that
    is that Suddenly Comes Missing Then You Understand Hell is
    As Real As the Heaven of A Pet of A Cat Purring or A Tail

    Wag of A Sweet Puppy…

    Other than that Now is all

    There is So That Was

    Then And Now

    is Heaven

    Good Bye

    To Hell Yet

    i Will Tale
    This Real Halloween Story

    Beyond All Horror Stories Indeed…

    Anyway No One Could Tell me why

    i Lost That Feeling then No One Could

    Even tell me About Oxytocin Then

    All They Could Say

    is You


    Your Emotions

    Here have A Pill
    And Try to think Good Thoughts

    Like Empty Shells Letters and Words
    on A Beach Without Sea life Having Breath

    The Living Dead Where Every Shell of A Letter
    And Word is Sunk To the Bottom of the Ocean Abyss

    Just Waiting to Rise as i lay Next to my Mother So Numb
    at 47 Asking Her What Happened to the Alfred Hitchcock Days

    What Happened to the Warmth After Tears When Our Only Dog Charlie

    Got Hit by the Bus After School Escaping Our Fence trying to Greet me there

    Just After Vicki On the Bus Taunted me for Having Beautiful Eyes and Eyelashes

    Like a Girl



    to Laugh at me

    i didn’t Understand then

    That Those Tears Shared

    With My Family After His Death

    in That Grief Were Really Heaven

    And if i Was Lucky in Hell i Could Experience that Grief again…

    i kept trying to remember The Sadness And Finally When my only
    online Friend i Thought i had turned on me And Someone Else was

    Nice to me

    i Finally

    Felt the

    Down and

    Up That Brought

    The Emotions of

    Bitter Sweet Roaring

    Back as the Lion of Me Alive Again…

    Yet Again No One Teaches You in School

    Or Even At the Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist

    Office How to Get Your Feelings Back again They’ve

    Never been

    to Hell



    They Even

    Know Hell Actually Exists….

    Here Take This Pill or Think These
    Thoughts We Have No Idea Where
    You Even Are Dead Alive… My Mother
    Said this too Will Pass of Course no Hope
    Exists in that place “All in Good Time, my Pretty
    All in Good Time” Where A Second in Hell is A Thousand



    of Only

    Time Where

    The River of
    Soul No Longer Flows Alive…

    Styx River Dead Within Indeed…

    Getting The Feeling The Real God Love Back

    Is Sort of Like All Saint’s Day After Halloween EVE iNDeeD…

    And then you Understand Where Myths of Vampires Come from

    And Then Finally You Know What They Mean by “Heaven or Hell”

    For it’s True Folks With Mood Disorders Generally Are the Artists Remembered

    Most for Taking

    Us To


    They’ve Already Been

    The High And Low And

    All Places ‘Tween of Heaven And Hell For Real…

    Happy Halloween Pet a Dog And Still Purr While ya Will..:)


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