Warm, sunken, and full of bitter glee

The wide gulf in between is littered with broken crayons

You’re teetering on the edge of the canyon

Your life preserver pulling you under

I’m wrapped in layers of algae and thunder

Warm, sunken, and full of bitter glee

The marshland one step behind me

Drowning in a dry land

Take my hand

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  1. It’s Like A Song in Stereo With

    One Ear Bud in It’s Like A Song

    With Only One Note And No Empty

    Space Between The Next Note As the

    Empty Space

    Is What


    Of Melody Most

    Shall We Predict the
    Next Note or Let the

    Nothingness Just Flow

    Into Somethingness

    my FRiEnD i Surely

    Hope i Never


    As The Feelings
    The Senses Are So
    Pure With No Words At
    All Just Harmony And Melody
    Breathing Again the Feather The Wind..:)


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