The hidden paths in the maze of life can bring much joy

A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. It’s one of those things we are taught very early on in life. We are taught that in school and we are taught that in real-life. Yet, there are so many people who insist on taking curved, zig-zagged lines to get somewhere. I suppose that is kind if fun. No reason, other than it makes sense, to take a straight line. The deviations can actually lead to insights. The digressions I love so much can be more informative than the factual accounts. The hidden paths in the maze of life can bring much joy. Yes, take the straight line for expediency but remember it can be an adventure to not take thst straight path.

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  1. Oh my Goodness This is So True Taking the Sidewalks
    Created By Ancient Civilizations Before i took A one Way

    Ride to Foot and Back Pain

    And Draining All Potential

    Human Creativity this

    Way as Yes Science

    Shows That Even Doodling
    Spiraling Lines on a Page Will

    Almost Immediately Increase Human Potential

    For Creativity Yes Outside of the Box Sidewalk

    Life Copies and Pastes One Way Life Over and

    Over And Over Again Erasing Our Playful

    Nature to Dance Butterfly Wings

    In Meadows

    Free to see

    So Many new

    Colors As Beyond
    A Rainbow Becomes Real Us
    Coloring Life New Every Dance And Song Now.:)


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