Purposeful hostility

Meghan McCain used to be on the television talk show The View as the conservative commentator. She annoyed some. She delighted others. I personally never watched an episode with her on it. I’m usually mired in non-stop meetings. Hence, I can’t comment on her performance.

However, I was curious and bemused by her comments on her former workplace as one in which “purposeful hostility” existed. And, I thought to myself what a perfect phrase for this time in history. Many people have described toxic and hostile work environments the past decade. Actually, I suppose the past century. However, purposeful hostility is a different beast.

People are creating environments and contexts in which bad vibes, actions and thoughts are put out into the air to jab at others. Why would anyone want to purposefully infect their own air? It’s like knocking your forehead against another person’s forehead to inflict pain to them and yourself. Seems counterproductive to me. Seems bad for one’s health.

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  1. I find so much of that attitude comes from “I am an independent me who has accomplished all I have to my own wonderful efforts.” An insane position for a human to take within the ecology of human culture and society. No one does anything in a vacuum. Great post.


  2. The only thing some people have is making others miserable – and they will hurt themselves to do it.

    I don’t get it – maybe it comes from a bad childhood not overcome as an adult. It is annoying in others, and sometimes dangerous – such as for those who become victims of domestic violence.


  3. I sometimes watch that show while I’m exercising. Meghan is a pro-gun, pro-life zealot. She can’t really debate without getting into the self-pity mode and she can’t see any other view than her own. It’s sad that she’s chosen this route.


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