A muted sense of joy out of cynacism

A merry-go-round was never her thing. Even on those slow-moving supposed entertainment mechanisms she would feel ill. An odd feeling of unease would overcome het. She felt an odd nostalgia around redundancy and feelings of inadequacy. If she couldn’t handle a carousel, what would happen on a rollercoaster?

And, these carousels were inauthentically placed. They were meant to install a muted sense of joy out of cynacism. She wondered about her self as she passed the carousel. It was empty and even ghoulish. Just like everything around her. She would go home and soak in a tub of tears.

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  1. Gosh i Understand in Some Ways

    Yes i too Am So Afraid of Heights

    To Do Roller Coaster

    Or Even Ferris

    Wheel at

    The State Fair

    Meanwhile my Wife
    Scoffs And Even Climbs
    40 Foot Trees at Age 8 For
    Fruit Peering Over the Roofs of
    The Haves While Her Household
    Of Have-nots Have No Food or Drink…

    i’ll Never Fully Understand Why Wonder Woman

    Married me As Then i Had No Money No Dance No



    Green to
    Blue Changing
    Eyes And What
    She Said was a
    1 in a Million Bowling
    Alley Smile Funny What

    Happens When The Chimney
    Sweep And Cinderella Stay in

    The Broom Closet Just As They Are…

    It’s True This is the Way of Real Happy Ever Afters

    For Now at Least it seems Moral oF A STory Make


    The Only
    Heaven That
    Exists Now Through
    All the Changes Now
    HeLL And Heaven Same my FRiEnD..:)

    -F Bueller

    -F Gump

    -And Others

    Starting Out With

    The Letter F (Fear) ET AI…


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