He was made out of hot earth

The boy made out of clay

Was not a koala bear

Not a figurine

Nor was he a balloon boy

He was made out of hot earth

And sculpted as if he were a marshmallow

An arm here and an arm down to the side

He was stiff in his swing

He was to be molded

And scolded

To all, he was a test

Imagination, durability, and longing

There was to be no boy out of clay without those

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  1. Likely Not Intentional Now

    At All Yet Such a Lovely

    Poem Describing The

    Difficulties as Tony

    Atwood Describes

    in Spotting ‘The Aspie’

    Person, Particularly Male
    With Asperger’s Syndrome

    Now With Arms Hanging Barely

    Moving Stiff At Side And Nose

    Pointed At The Ground to

    Guide Them


    By Focusing
    Intent to Walk

    Not So Naturally

    As Others May More
    Naturally Glide By Now

    More Gracefully and Not
    So Hesitant Looking With
    Anxieties And Fears For Even

    Being Comfortable in One’s Own Skin…

    Such A High Mountain to Climb in Life

    Yes Now At Even A Most Basic Human
    Ability to Become Comfortable in One’s own SKiN…

    True No Closer Kin Than Comfortable at Ease in One’s own SKiN…

    Hehe, my Grand

    Adventure of

    Life A Public Dance
    To Become Finally

    Comfortable in my

    Own Skin Now

    After 15,477 Miles

    i Finally Move Like

    A Graceful Lion At Ease
    Conserving Every Calorie

    Naturally Evolved to Survive

    In Days Of Scarcity of Environment True…

    Lord Knows it took About 3 Years in ’17 to Look

    Anywhere Close to Fully Graceful Now

    i Just Have it Altogether Left and
    Right Brain in Balance

    With Mind

    And Body

    Whole Balancing

    Set Freer With Anima

    And Animus of Foundation

    B A L A N C iN G NoW

    iN Divine Feminine Grace

    Of Love Peacefully Inhaling
    Exhaling Love More Making No Fear
    Reality in Strength of Will More Than Ever Before…

    True i am No Broken Clay Doll of Nature Now Anymore…:)


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