She had warned him to not turn inward

She stared at the house in the distance. Well, she squinted. It was that time of the day and that time of the year. It was an odd house and these were dark times. She had warned him not to turn inward. No good can come from such a move

Yet, as she plodded and squinted towards the house, she felt the pull from the other side. Whether it was lightness or darkness, she was not too sure. It really didn’t matter. A pull was a pull. And, she had to heed the signs.

She sat herself down on the grass crossed-legged. She looked up and then within herself. Maybe inwards was the way to go. To the side a strong worker ant toiled away making haste of the queen’s tasks.

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  1. Captured By Left Brain
    Think Missing The Art
    Of The Whole Landscape

    And Architecture

    By The Smallest

    Abstract Construct

    Of A Copyright Name
    In the Bottom Left Corner…

    No Way Now i Will Disgrace

    A Photo of God Nature This Way

    With Either A Temple

    Before the



    Painting of

    Clouds Or Something
    As Small As my Born
    On Or Even Pen Created

    Name Dust on The Bottom
    Left Part of God Free As Nature’s

    Refrain Becomes A Name Instead of All

    Yet True It’s A Facebook World And Yes it

    All Starts With A Name As Small as God too…

    What We Will We Do When London Bridges

    Fall Down Again What Will We Do If Naked

    Whole and



    Not to Wear

    A Name And

    Own Nature With A Word… Rest of

    Nature Requires No Human Tattoos…

    In Zuckerberg Homes Constructed Mostly For Money

    Yet This is the American Way Western Civilization Naming

    Nature God




    To Own Free

    It Doesn’t Work that Way
    So Ironically So It Doesn’t Work


    NoW At All…

    Empty Shells
    Lost From Essence
    Sea Creatures Washed
    Out to Ocean Forgetting Home…


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