Tried turning off my brain

Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. It felt like a wild river running through my brain. Tried to turn it off. Give it a break. After all, everything and everyone needs a break or two. Off to the couch my legs went and down on the pillow went the head. The swoosh swoosh soon became groggier. However, through the fog came words. A story. My story.

They were not jumbled words. They were coherent. They told a wild tale of humble beginnings And, they told a future of many possibilities.

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  1. Oh The Synchronicity is Just too Much And
    Enough Whole Naked Complete Yes A Day
    For Benefits of Beginners Mind A Philosophy

    of Zen Now Real Too…

    As We Rebirth

    Always Now A

    New Creation

    Not So


    in Dogma

    Before Yet Truly

    More Like A Dog or Wolf

    Mammal Not So Trapped in

    A Huge Neo-Cortex Freer to

    Discard Past And Future Operating

    From Forevermore Now A Brand New

    Day to Create

    Our Own




    Fresh NoW As
    A Flower Blooming
    FLoWinG Originally
    NoW As Petals Flourish
    And Spread Sublimely To a New
    Place of Awe And Wonderland Now…

    Oh Lord i Remember Finally Ending A Quarter
    of A Century Career At Basically A Same Place
    of Employment And All The Dogma of Those
    Years Attached to Those Old Chapters of
    my Life Holding On to Yesterday’s Stories


    Now It is if THere is No Past
    or Future At All Indeed


    i Am

    A FLoWeR
    BLooMinG Newly Whole
    Creating Anew Sunshine Day Now Within…:)

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