Full circle: Start well, end well

You never know how, when, or why you may encounter people you thought you left behind decades ago. A psychology experiment decades ago found that there are about six degrees of seperation. Someone decided to be funny and test that finding using Kevin Bacon as an example. Nowadays, with the everday integration of social media, those degrees of seperation are smaller in size.

Regardless of such findings, you should always assume there’s the possibility of bumping into a long lost acquaintance at a random event. Everything goes full circle.

As such, I always remind people start well and end well. Cone in right and leave right. Bring sunshine and don’t burn bridges. Simple!

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  1. Hello
    I m Natalia,nice to know you.
    One of ours friends on wordpress ,said me to visit your blog.
    I m your follower from now.
    I hope it so for me.
    Also If you have a lot of followers.
    Thank you
    Have a good evenin


  2. Yes Most Definitely Less Than
    6 Degrees of Separation! NoW!
    With Every Synchronicity FLoWinG

    NoW ACausAlly Connecting CasuAlly

    Starter Broke on my Honda Civic
    Serving So Well Through 8 Years
    And More Than One Pandemic Variant

    Ending With the Starter Fixed Before
    The Beginning of a New Day However

    Facebook Broke

    Now i Am no

    Longer Copy
    And Pasting

    Verse in Reverse

    From the Bottom of That Wall Up Globally As Such

    Moving Ahead Today Will Be One Forward Verse

    Day As Yuck Having to Copy And Paste Instead on

    Desktop Pages… Yes!

    So Lovely It Is to

    Use Up All Of


    Fabulous Tools
    For Free Facebook
    Hard Drive my Space Now HAha

    Literally 16.8 MiLLioN Words or
    So in the Description Areas of Profile
    Pics Total Each And Every Year Now
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    The Return on Freely Spread SMiLES

    Spent iN No Cost Efforts HAha

    Except the Day London Bridges

    Fall Down Never Ending Stories hehe

    All my Eggs in One Place Fully Dispersed HAha Globally

    Wide ‘Take the Long Way Home’ As Short As Everywhere Now…;)


  3. Even if the person should try to find a good end in a relationship and even if he thinks he has behaved correctly… if the other person burns the bridge, there is nothing you can do. Despite efforts, it is not always possible to start well and end well. Unfortunately.
    Kind regards from Southern Germany.
    My English is not good…sorry


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