Shady catty liars

Some fat cats in zoot suits

Throwing darts with sharp tongues

Twisting words in the wind

Truth leaves a bitter taste

Lies soothe their jagged cheeks

They dance to a different beat

Faking reality rolling a ball of dust

They are shady catty liars

Save your breathe

Ready, 1, 2, 3

Box them in and hit the road

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  1. Oh Lord Being A Fake i Will Relate
    My Whole Frigging Work Career
    Bowling Center Manager
    Having No Real Idea
    How to Bowl
    Activities Director
    Including Overseeing
    An Automotive Repair Shop

    (i still Have Occasional
    Nightmares About that)

    Not Even Knowing
    What A “Left Handed
    Monkey Wrench” is one
    Day i am still Gonna Google
    it to See if it Really Exists Anyway

    Kitty Litter

    All the Kitty Litter

    To Soak Up Oil Spills in the

    Shop All the Smells of Repairing

    Cars All the Parts Just Having No Idea

    What in the World Was Going on in Charge

    of the Shop and
    And Wine
    Tastings And
    So Many Other Community
    Activities Like Bingo i Never Played
    Before Either And Oh Lord Then Athletics
    Director for the Government on the Military

    Installation too

    Last Kid Picked

    On Sports Teams
    In Charge of the Life Guards
    too Not A Very Good Swimmer Either…

    Then Financial Manager

    Without Any Finance Education
    In College As A Collateral Duty of

    That For A Spell Until i Fell Down

    From Being Hired As A Fake in

    Every Job Just

    For A Chesshire

    Cat Smile

    That Looked
    Like i knew what
    i was doing and now i still
    Don’t know how to dance

    After 15,333 Miles of
    Doing it in Public

    or write poetry

    after 9.6



    i’m Just

    A Fake Yet

    i Tend to get by
    on the Friction of the Day
    True Every ‘Tom Sawyer’ ‘Rushes’
    Through And Becomes The River And Just Flows…

    In the Interim They Traded me to a Bigger Military
    Installation for Print Manager of the Naval Air Station
    Pensacola and they told me just walk the Halls you May

    Find Someone

    to tell You

    What Your

    Job to do is…

    Thank Goodness i only
    Had to pretend i knew what
    i was doing in that Job for 3 Months…

    Back to Another Temporary Promotion
    After that i Was totally Unqualified to do too…

    i Just Don’t

    Have Any


    Just Ain’t Got No
    Qualifications For Nothing to Do…
    Yet i have to admit winging Life is Kinda Fun..;)


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