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What a storm last night

I was here in New York for Superstorm Sandy and was displaced for eight days. A lot of people didn’t believe beforehand that the storm would be so bad. We learned a hard lesson.

Last night, we got our first ever flash flood emergency alert and were told there was a travel ban in New York City until 5am. Whoa! We knew the storm- hurricane Ida that hit Louisiana- was coming our way. However, we thought of it as a “remnant” bit of rain that was coming our way. I admittedly paid little attention to the weather reports.

Then it started raining and the floods came. Many of us were caught off guard. The subway system was flooded at certain points and temporarily suspended. The sun is now shining and it has cooled off a bit.

Hopefully, last night’s storm will serve as yet another reminder to be prepared for the unexpected. These days – these past two years- have been wild. We’ve collectively been on a myriad of emotional and physical rollercoasters. Let’s be prepared for how the rest of this year plays out.

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