She was about to go deep down and fly way above

She wasn’t much of a breakfast person. However, today she brought an egg sandwich with her as she stared at the river. It was all so peaceful.

Today she was going to start anew. She would try new things. Bring a news lens onto the world. Her shackles were about to be taken off. She was about to go deep down and fly way above. It was a new life. She smiled and jumped in.

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  1. Ah Yes Dear Miriam
    (Such A Poetic
    Name Just A
    M i R i AMusT
    In this Poem)
    HeHe i only Say
    Your Name Now

    When You Yes You
    Treasure Yourself
    Becoming Part of

    The River Now

    FLoWinG Free

    BE A Traveler Now

    New No LooKinG Back
    Oh Yes Ahead is Behind
    Now Gift Present Flow Prize
    Water Wave Ocean Whole Free

    (Oh My God in New York City)

    Seriously Now You’ve Been Through
    A Lot of CR8P This Year You Really
    Deserve A Poem or Two Or So hehe When
    i Think of You i Think of my Mother Raising

    Kids Alone


    So Hard


    She Deserves
    Then A Guardian
    Angel Along the Way Two

    And More In Fact i Believe Everyone
    Does No Matter if they are Naughty or Nice…

    Yet It’s True There is Only So Much my Sister

    and me Will Do As You Continue to Raise Your


    Angel True..:)


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