Sometimes tomorrow is a delay and sometimes a promise

There are moments where I have a little chuckle when someone says that tomorrow they will get something done. We’ve been waiting weeks but tomorrow will be the day. Delay tactics we’ve all experienced them.

There are times, however, when tomorrow is not so much a delay tactic. The promise of tomorrow can be just that: a promise.

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  1. Better to get the things you absolutely hate doing done right away, so it isn’t hanging over your head, nagging at you from the depths of your brain. Well, at least that is what I like to say, but it doesn’t always workout that way.

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  2. Oh Lord i Missed
    One Of Your Daily
    Routine Posts What

    Happened to Yesterday

    Only A Recurring Memory

    of Rain Outside A Once
    And Still Deadly Hurricane

    Just So Much to
    Do Just

    So Very


    For Nature
    Still to Do Meanwhile
    i Dance And Sing For Free
    For No Reasons Yet The Wind
    Still Blows my Feather Randomly

    Free For


    Don’t ‘Mind’ Flowing
    Now Or Flooding It’s
    Just the Chaos Magic
    Nature Art of No KNoW..:)

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