About time: I threw out 20 pairs of shoes

I’m not a hoarder. However, I do tend to hold onto little things here and there. Considering that I move so often, I can’t hang onto super large items. Yet, one thing I have managed to hold onto for a while a ton of shoes.

I love shoes. Stilettos. Walking flats. Name it. However, even I have come to realize that maybe I shouldn’t hold onto so many.

Today I woke up with purpose. I have set daily micro goals. Today was to throw put 5 bags of garbage. Things that no longer work, fit, or stand up. I accomplished my goal. I over-accomplished it. I had not planned on going through my shoes. Yet, in my need to clean and rid myself of useless things, I found myself eyeing my shoes. And, before I knew it, there they (many) went into the bag.

Oddly, this purging of shoes lifted a weight off my shoulders. Freedom. Freedom from clutter. The freeing up of physical space is symbolic of freeing up one’s mind and spirit.

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