After she started working downtown, her personality changed

She was a suburban woman. Had spent majority of her home and work life there. Now, she made a huge change and there were numerous butterfly effects.

Today she could fly a bicycle and land it on a wall. There really wasn’t much she couldn’t do. She was all powerful and excited to explore all her newfound powers. What she was really hoping for was heat vision. She had big plans for that.

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  1. Ah YeS HEat Vision

    Laser Flames


    All Matter

    Wonder What Would

    Have Happened

    If Clark Kent Met


    First And Ruled the
    UNiVeRSE With Rays oF LoVE iNStead..

    Yet of Course Boys Who Never Became

    Real Loving Men Who Wanted Revenge

    For the Bullies Who




    Wrote the

    Comic Book Heroes

    With Heat Vision Eyes…

    And Of Course The Sweaty
    Palmed Pimply Faced Boys
    Working Late into the Night
    in Weird Science Garages

    Developed Fast Internet

    Access to Download

    Unlimited Varieties of


    Birds As
    Fast As Possible
    Who Would Never
    Tell Them No Again..

    Just In Case You
    Wanna Know Who
    Started This Flame War Hehe..

    Welcome to the Revenge of the Nerds
    Lands of Zuckerberg And Gates the Same…

    Yet During THiS Whole Endeavor Nature Secretly
    Planning Her Great Escape From Humankind Same…


    Just Hmm…

    Things in Life
    And Living Death
    That Make Ya Go Hmm…

    Meh.. Inhaling Peace Exhaling
    Love My Super Power Never Lost to ‘Them’..;)

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