Rewiring my brain: Happily back to the gym

Until this past pandemic year, I made sure to go to the gym everyday. I love exercising. It’s a moment of zen. Well, 40 minutes of zen. I would feel better and energized. Then the pandemic hit. I kept going to the gym until the last possible moment when they closed my gym down.

I remember the last day I went to the gym last year, there was no one else there with me. It was a ghost town. It was fairly safe, in that respect.

Because I couldn’t go to the gym, I made sure to walk everyday. My steps ranged from 10,000 to 23,000 most days. I walked a lot. Still do.

However, I still missed exercising on the elliptical machine. My body and brain needed it.

This past week, I was finally able to go to the gym. Well, I finally made it back. I have to note, that it feels like I am rewiring my brain. After four days of gym exercising I somehow feel my brain rewiring. It’s a hard feeling to describe. It feels as my brain cells are redistributing and reconnecting in new ways.

Perhaps it is all about a sense of normalcy. It may just be that normality is what my brain needed to rewire itself.

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  1. Hey! Our Military
    Gym Opened
    Back Up to

    Retired Civilians
    During The Week

    Yesterday too!

    Now Life




    Train Wreck

    Is Finally Easing

    A Bit As LonG As
    We Get Gas Again
    In Northwest


    i’ll Get to Go
    Again Hehe

    Of Course
    You Don’t




    The Subway
    In New York
    One Less Problem Hehe 😃


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