First thing you always do is reboot

Call any customer service support line and three questions will always be asked. 1. Can you verify your name? 2. Is the item plugged in? 3. Can you reboot?

It seems like everyday I am rebooting something so as to try to make it work. My phone, although new, is a bit temperamental. I need to reboot it at least once a day.

Overall, across society it seems we are all going through some kind of major reboot. Through last year, I had written everyday for years. I can’t quite remember at the moment for how many days straight I had written. However, I know it was for more than 1,500 days. Then one day last year, I just didn’t. Then I tried to get back into a new writing rhythm. Made it to 23 days straight. Then one day I didn’t write again.

I needed a reboot. Today marks 61 days straight of writing. Two months in now. Can I sustain it again the way I had before last year? I don’t know.

I do know I got a reboot. Several. And, I may need more. At least, I keep trying to fix it. Meaning me.

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  1. Our Insurance Company
    Accidentally Dropped
    my Wife Fixing The



    Of Working For
    The Government
    So Many Years



    To Reboot

    Escape to Sanctity

    Fortunate my Pencil

    Is Sharp


    To Erase
    Mistakes of Others

    Yet Only 1 This Day
    Not A Thousand
    That Day in Blue
    Screen Death👨‍💻


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