My birthday gift: I can do it all, but I shouldn’t

I have come to dislike when people referred to me as superwoman or supermom. For I am neither. I’ve done what I can. I’ve tried my best.

Let me backtrack .

There was a time when I did buy into the superwoman label. I was doing it all. And, I was great at it all. I could do it.  But, there’s a but. All that comes with a price.

And, today on my birthday I am gifting myself this bit of advice: I can do it all, but I shouldn’t.

My head, my body and my spirit need a break. I need to focus on me in a positive way. I need to help myself step back and do what I realistically can manage. I won’t just satisfice and do the bare minimum. That is not in my DNA. However, I must  exhale. 

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  1. Stress is Cumulative
    We aRe All Human Yeah

    My Peers At Work Called
    me Superman Doing
    All The Jobs All The

    People From

    Every Hidden

    Direction The other
    Asker Didn’t Notice

    i Was Already Doing
    In College Earning
    Three Degrees And
    Three Part Time



    me Superman
    In A Master’s Class
    Sociology of Aging
    Study Lovely Young Women
    Lamenting Then She Never
    Experienced Her



    Party Days’
    This Was in
    1983 My Party
    Days Didn’t Start
    Until 30 Years After
    Graduating College
    And 66 Months of
    HeLL ON EartH

    It All Became
    Effortless Easy

    This Superman



    To The Write And
    Act Of The Play i
    Direct in Autotelic

    Flow All The Reward
    Doing NoW Occasionally
    Amazing Free Accolades

    FLoW iN For


    Joy THEE Eternal
    Birthday of Free
    Happy With


    On No External
    Reward Or Target
    Audience Same

    Yes of


    i Wish



    Come True
    For You Too PM

    Whatever Eternal

    Happy Birthday Brings

    Heaven To All You Love Now

    Meanwhile This Party Never



    Of My Birth
    Day Now i Am With SMile 😃


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