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Seeking the light

We have collectively weathered some dark days. I know I have. I joke around that I’m a sunny curmudgeon as I’m a New Yorker who lived in California for a decade (not all consecutively). I have a New York vibe that is just a bit off-kilter. I’m an optimistic pessimist, of sorts.

However, even I have had days where I wondered where was the proverbial sun. Or at least some lights to showcase a path or two.

Well, its my birthday month. Yes, I have become one of those people who celebrates their birthday for a full minth. In all fairness, besides my birthday, the folloeing weekend is mother’s day. Back to back celebrations of my being. It’s not so much about me per se. It is more about me being joyful or seeking joy. And, bringing in others for the ride. Or I try.

I’m hoping this May will bring the light I seek. I’ll try my best.

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