The lid was blown off

Everything smelled, looked, and felt as battered as they were. They had come through the storm. But there was no turning back.

Mother nature just reinforced what had been percolating and brewing for some time. The lid was blown off and now all was exposed.

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  1. This Is So True 2020
    Vision All The Roaches
    Came Out of The Motel

    In Clear View

    For All To

    See Unmasked

    God Yes Even

    A Bishop Of The

    Catholic Church

    Sent Out A Letter

    To The Whole NorthWest
    Florida ‘Trump Region’
    He Is Responsible For


    Folks For
    Criticizing Folks
    Not Wearing Masks
    In A Deadly Pandemic
    He Said It Was The



    To Do

    Turn The
    Other Cheek
    While Pandemic
    Ignorance Spreads
    Pandemic Disease

    Where Of
    Course The
    Real Reason is
    Don’t Make Waves When
    Folks Are Paying Your
    Way Well i Say Hell No

    A More




    His Money
    Tables Over
    Hehe Just Wait And See🙏


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