Our failed penny scavenger hunt

It’s the end of the week. I don’t have it in me to be depressed or deep in thought. It’s been a tough werk. A series of tough weeks.

I’m just going to share today a silly thing that happened to me two weeks ago.

My son and I have been doing zoom scavenger hunts with friends across the country. Its meant to be funny. Although, admittedly my son gets a little annoyed at the “tangents”. You know, my digressions. Even in a scavenger hunt, I manage to go off topic on a storytelling bit. It’s what I do.

Well, the time came for us to find a penny. And lo and behold not a single one of us could find one. My son rushed around the house in a desperate search for a penny. I gave up fairly early on knowing I just give away my change when I get sone at a store. I tip away my change. It would be surprising if I had a penny. And, indeed I did not.

What happened to our pennies.?occasionally I hear of angry stories where someone is repaid in thousands of oily pennies. In such cases pennies are used in a punitive fashion.

I remember when I would get excited to find a penny on the ground. I would make a wish. What am I to make a wish upon now?

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  1. a note on found pennies. My girlfriend has a wonderful routine. When she finds a penny heads up, she picks it up because she feels it will bring her good luck. When she finds it tails up, she flips it heads up and leaves it, so the next person who finds it can have good luck of their own. Happy Penny Hunting!


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